Sundry Thoughts

In my dreams I explore urban environments, roaming through ruins and buildings, but how much of that is just rooting through a mostly unoccupied subconscious? I don’t wander the Real. But then, this is suburbia, essentially—not the city.

I’m feeling more confident and relaxed in connecting with the outside—and even connecting outside the cubicle seemed to help. Concerns remain, of course, but mindfulness and not feeding the demons seem to help.

There’s something about the notion of moving and dancing in public—the freedom and confidence in doing so—that I’m missing—speaking even in public, in the world.

You’re afraid of being seen and your movements judged—no, ridiculed.

AE was close to CM, close to the Aethyric realms, but his Christian paradigm and his mysticism got him, limited him. I think Yeats was likewise, but his maleness and male ego caught and snagged him. Crowley believed his hype.

–How do we tell our story, define ourselves, to others?

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