Muse of Place and Nature

I have been living with wind and fire as my fuels—often undisciplined, unfocused fire—and I never remember, don’t know water. And I forget wind and wood.

As I walked to work today, as I looked up at the trees and skies, reminded of the ___, I also thought back to Coila & Burns & my own nature and psycholococentric muse—and I think maybe there is a muse of the land here for me. She lurks in amongst the wilder trees and vines, the wetter grasses, amongst the dragon bones of Saerien. She lives amid the mini-malls and empty shops, the taquerias and the traffic. She lives despite them.

The image that comes to mind is _______, but that’s just her nymphiness. But she’s fuller figured like ____, with long brown hair full, those large dark eyes, a light dancing step with her bare feet, if wary. Now I’m just fantasizing about ____.

But yes, I can find a muse for this land.

I meditated for a bit on wood/earth and water—wood through what’s nearby and water via the aquarium. Wood/Earth grounds & connects me, restores and “makes me feel like myself.” Water is buoyant and 3-dimensional—we too often view ourselves 2-dimensionally, I think—and the currents within affect everything, reflect in the motion of everything within.

With earth, there’s a sense of stillness but also creeping growth.


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