Visions of the Tree, the Woman, and Things

I have tried to meditate upon the earth & wood over the last night or so, consciously–I’ve been doing so more intuitively the last week or so. As spring comes, my affinity with wood magnifies, but there is also the earth, with roots in the earth and stones, but also so much else—pipes, wires, bones. The earth is hungry and—well—absorptive, all-embracing. All that has ever lived.

BM’s wisdom emerges in part through the associations and networks of, well, the web that connects things, life, processes, ideas, memories, & so on. That wit aspect of wisdom, but also the inclusive acquistition, holding, accretion of experience (WTAW). Passion emerges from the vitality of the web, the roots, the sheer life connected together that she and I connect to.

* * *

There is a thing, a colony of parasites in ___—there’s a flesh sack above the doorway to the hall to the break room, and there are flesh-like tendrils and “roots” in the ceiling above. The things remind me of things assembled from stolen flesh rather than creatures with organs and real, but like spiders or crabs otherwise—with fleshy pincers that come down.

–they’re fashioned from what they’ve stolen from others.

–the boss is being urged, has growths added on to him, in his torso.

They harvest ennui, pain, spirit, energy, angst, and crappy job crap.

* * *

Otherwise, meditating on earth & wood leads me to consider the WTAW—[BM] [BM] but also [Elethis] (cf. [different symbol]), and these, especially the last, lead me to see leaves, roots, trees, especially one tree, a sort of world tree/Yggdrasil-like tree. Often, I also see a woman who is saying something I can’t hear (or that’s my impression), and she also seems to point, gesture, direct attention about something about that tree—and the vision is very much the same I had of Chaos and the pattern/coils I’d previously seen during meditation. (Is this Athene? Someone else?) I should focus on her next time, try to get a better sense—and try to hear.

[BM] represents the earth’s drawing in of matter and power, the contraction of gravity, harvesting what comes via the roots/paths/connections.

My vision needs honing and practice—it’s grown too lax.

[BM] -> isolating part of the web (really more roots & paths & connections; for _____, he made it a web) in your vision

[Elethis] -> this is what draws my vision to what I’ve described—it’s leaves (a particular kind, but my mind easily goes to oak leaves, as well)

The vision of the tree makes me think of Odin’s experience on Yggdrasil—the discovery (recovery?) of the runes. This led me to consider runes as the WTAW—and the use of runes as pathworking tools and foci—which led me to consider all pathworking as a passive, touristy version of what the WTAW point to.

But now I can also see how pathworking tries to get at the same thing, but ceremonial magic pathworking ala GD (and what’s likely the derivative I’ve seen in Asatru galdr-related stuff) misses some mark—focuses more on “soul work” than magic—and it strikes me as a bit entertainment ala Lucifer’s pageant of the 7 Deadly Sins in Dr. Faustus. (Mind you, I’m not considering what others may get out of this exercise.) (Also, well, it suggests that any symbol—tarot, yi-king, runes, WTAW, logos—point to an underlying experiential reality-state.)

Mind you, I also wonder how—rigged that exercise is most of the time. Thelema and the like often use Hebrew or Enochian as “keys” to such experiences, but the intersection of card (Rider-Waite or Thoth or whatever) and symbol (Hebrew, Enochian, etc.) provides a specific meta-symbol for their pathworking. Is there some…trap in that approach, in those ready-made symbols of power? Some paradigmatic cul-de-sac or flaw, or merely a paradigmatic trap? (As a visualization exercise, sure—but…)

Telesmatic images and the regulation of appearances—even the use of standardized cards and sigils—it’s a paradigmatic attempt at constraining magical orders to one vision—and an attempt to insure reproducibility of vision & experience & magic—at least consistency. But that consistency is also the system’s creator’s vision. Control, legitimacy, consistency.

* * *

Is that woman—is it the woman I saw in my “dream” in Shakespearean Tragedies at ___? The “_____” figure? (No.) There’s a similarity of aesthetic, but I don’t think ______ is this woman.

Mind you, isn’t it almost always a woman?

–Or she’s waiting for me to speak—

Filtering the pop culture fluff out of my attempt at seeing is a bit taxing—but she has dark or auburn hair, long & full, pale to light/olive skin, and dark strange eyes, dressed in robes or a gown or a dress? I only see the top—shoulders, a bust. Ermizahd or Athene? There’s a whole person there, but I’m not sure where she’s standing other than—

before the tree, the unimaginably vast tree larger than any other, upon a vast plain of sparse grass, but no, the terrain shifts.

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