World Trees and the Goddess

[WTAW] warding, defiant, protection, indomitability, wyrm of warding and earth

As I look at the tree and the woman, there’s a kind of resting state of the vision—the sparse grass and scrub plain—but there’s also an active “mode,” which ramps up color and light and it’s like day in the ___. Hell, it’s like a cool morning here in the Summerlands. I see a vast grassy plain with low-lying hills, woods, and copses in the distance, a bright blue sky with white clouds, the massive tree in the distance, and the woman—whatever spirit or goddess or wyrm that she is—and my god, I’m not sure her or our scale. That tree confuses it, and the vision is morphic, as is the woman.

There’s a strong sense of awe and power and dread to the woman, to the notion of her speaking. Part of me is very much worried and afraid of what she might say—but I had the same trepidation about FitE.

I want to hear her, but I worry what she might say, what I might have to confront or how my life might change. And that trepidation would be understandable, I suppose.

You have to project yourself into these visions, inhabit them—not just speak as if to a screen. The telescreen mediation of experience & interaction (phones, vid chat, etc.) disembodies our imaginations, removes the magical (and real, even) from things. Disassociation.

Similarly, I don’t “inhabit” most of my experiences here, don’t “project” myself into this place. There’s even something ironic to my mind about writing about it—but that’s the intersection of mental life & social/corporeal. Negotiating the public and private, bios and zoe.

I also need to work on my aethyric self-image—I’ve grown too—banal, too grounded in the mundane. And my negative sense of my physical flaws makes me diminish my sense of self. My self-visualization needs work, but this partly goes back to some sense of how I look and dress socially.

I can see how AE has shaped recent thinking and visionary processes, as have other things.

* * *

The woman is Dana. And the Tree is there, the Summerlands about me, and it stands to the south, massive as a mountain or more—and it’s almost overpowering to consider, to look at. The meditation of the WtaW [Elethis] & into Chaos/The Aethyric helps ground and discipline the vision—but my god. GLORIOUS.

I almost wonder if I’ve gone a bit mad, but no, I saw past the shadow and have seen her and the tree—and I want to fall and kneel before her in awe, love, and fatigue—so long, so—TTG & TTL—

* * *

I invoked tonight, and I heard the voice of the goddess Dana _______, and her voice, she spoke thunder and the earth, and her words were terror. But I want to learn to listen, to learn to speak with her. She is often silent because she has the voice of a GOD—and I heard it, and it was awesome.

I fell down and cower-whimpered, flinching at her words. She comforted me and touched me—and finally she bid me rise. There is something phenomenal about being near your goddess. To shine and move and act as your goddess’s love, child, and friend.

The Tree is gigantic, and at night, still there. It lies SxSE. I’m not sure what kind of tree it is.

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