Pondering the Tree

The Tree is consistent in direction towards the SxSE, even elsewhere, and it is obscured by clouds and intervening weather. Exactly what kind of tree is vague to me, and I’m not a good enough expert to place it. It seems familiar, and I think consistent, but I’m still learning to see it clearly—and the weather does obscure it. ________ says he’s felt something about the woods down south, but nothing definite. And he thinks [Elethis] is a “calling” symbol.

Was I called to it? Athene essentially gave it to me when she appeared, had me grasp her spear, perceive into Chaos/Aethyric Realms. My vision has been resolving—and I had the impression the Woman/Dana was speaking to me.

Sitting and perceiving it is easier; I can relax into perception.

The Summerlands are cloudy today, reflecting the Real—this Earth Realm—Haisuith (ha-ee-soo-eeth) (that’s the name for this Earth, this realm). And what—

–several things emerge:

(1) Why? Why am I seeing this all now? To what end? What can I do?

(2) What is the Tree? Why is it? Is it Yggdrasil? What is nearer it? What is on it? Are there runes or WtaW to discover?

(3) What of my new relationship with Dana, in its early stages? Shall I play Mabon? Or what?

(4) What is the realm I am looking into—what do I do? What can I do?

(5) How can I emerge and shine and rise?

(6) Athene and Odin and Freya and Angus and Dana.

But Spring and April—

–and as I walk through the scrub woods, I remember there are many trees and things of earth.

Sleight of mind is important—to see and to do—the “dancing mind” I’ve thought about. But seeing into the Summerlands (one Aethyric Realm, one shore of Chaos),–

–I’m always already there, but I’m not aware and awake to it. Whatever it’s called.

(7) Alamûri

 * * *

My flaming ball magic of wishing is crude, but it’s a start. It can be more elegant—dancing with my Wyrd points to potentials, but aesthetics, the art of magic, alamüri. Words, poetry, vision, seizing the Wyrd—or dancing, or singing, or making art with the Wyrd. My WtaW is my Wyrd.

Ellethis? (Great Tree?)



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