Sundry Notes, Reflecting on the Tree

Being relaxed, loose, not stressed and rigid really helps in seeing and in seeing Ellethis, the Great Tree, in particular. The WtaW [r-Elethis] also helps focus. Relaxation and focus always helps. (It helps with everything.)

I woke up 15 m early to have time to align and spell some before work.

The office seems less parasitic, more—merely sterile—today. Better than otherwise, I suppose. I should try to engineer the resonance there—and elsewhere.

I found myself worrying the Tree would disappear, imagined it in ruins, and then told myself to stop that. That’s _____, and I need to keep exorcising him.

The notion of internalizing WtaW occurs to me, incorporating them into my Wyrd effectively, but does any exposure to a symbol connect you to that symbol? If so, intentionally and purposefully doing so, laying claim and identifying with it, is different than casual exposure.

WtaW for vision (you have these), lucid dreaming and awakening/lucidity—confidence and charisma/social power.

The Great Tree could be a god, might well be Yggdrasil or might as well be, connect with all that and seidr, the Wyrd, and potentiality.

You also need more time for meditation and vision/-ualization.

Could it be hazel? (AE)
When did we start talking about “energies” and not symbols or spirits or other things? How do we imagine the numinal engines of the multiverse? Ether, words, signs, spirits, energies, vibrations—

AE spends a lot of time trying to get at an explanation of his visions, and I can see the CM, Aethyric, Aesthetic, and Chaos aspects to what he’s working with, but he’s operating from a Xian, ceremonial magic, Celticist paradigm steeped in 19th century fringe belief.

Many of the things he discusses have correlations elsewhere in what I’ve read, even if much of the book is an apologia for (1) art/imagination and (2) Celtic/Irish folklore as equal to other cultures’ mythologies.

Ellethis, the Summerlands (Saiyûnor ?), Dana—they’re always there; I am not always there to see or hear them, and my mind and spirit dance and seek them—I blind myself, or I allow halthaya, mûl-ôl, or others to do so for me, to me. Sleight of mind, dancing mind—I dream myself—

Oisín rides a horse into Ireland—possessory trance? His falling suggests breaking the possession or allowing himself to get stuck—unrooted, unconnected from the ___.

There’s a curious mix of the Seeker, the reality discontent, the neurotic, the artist, the thinker, and the relaxed—those who are already relaxed and happy—do not Seek, do not Quest.

My mind also returns to the dream with the face in the distance, like a moon or mountain at the horizon, obscured by atmosphere and blue sky, a colossi across a gulf—so too is Ellethis.

Part of me finds it amusing that I am so fey that I discover a gigantic tree.


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