Otherworlds, Magic, Libations

I have been spelling at work, invoking and micro-meditating on [r-Elethis] and other WtaW. I am also burning a bit right now and need to find or nurture the fire in a sustainable fashion.

There’s been a lot of magical theory over the last century or so—or so it seems—compared to earlier eras. Mind you, that doesn’t count the notions or gestures to theory in Dee, but most of that sort of thing is Xian cosmological paradigm overlay on Cabala and Hermeticism and catalogues of the same spirits & demons. And a lot of auctoritas.

I want to walk the Summerlands, through Saiyûnor and find its fruits and waters—so do so—rest in its grasses and shades

–but it’s always been there—when I looked out the backyard on windy nights on _____

–when I saw the dawn colors at the trailer

But it’s a very naturalist, fae aspect of the shores of Chaos—it’s far more the Dream(ing) than other things. The shores of the Cities, the urban paths—those are somewhere…they exist, if not in Saiyûnor than where? I’m not drawn to them, nor am I to the dead lands and other realms. Border realms have always existed.

Get some olives and have some for Athene (and Dana), maybe some wine. (Libations for the lares and gods.)

Actually, that’s an idea—libations for the house spirits.

AE points specifically towards Angus & Dana (and Lir and Manannan).

Saiyûnor has other WTAW: [r-Elethis] and Ellethis are just the first I’ve been shown. The Land has others, bound into its soil. [WTAW], for example.

Ellethis is so massive and so distant that the nitrogen->blue sky obscures it.

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