Self-Therapy, Always a Good Thing?

Dana waits in the distance, towards Ellethis, beckoning to them and Saiyûnor.

I want to prepare for Mondays better than I have, but how?

I libated to Athene and the house spirits last night, and Dana was out there. I still half-expect it all to vanish. I spent so long thinking nothing was here in ______—and while the bad stuff lurks around the campus (and ______, _______________ Drive, had I to guess) (Okay, I kinda suspect Northside has something going on.)

How to spell better than through wish balls and birds, I’m only half-aware about—notional. Spontaneous poetry, somatics, and visualization seems closer: performing the magic in a “bardic” and more theatrical context. How to do this in public? Well, social things—confidence and charisma—that’s performing personae with magical symbology and psychology on my part.

Much of the enterprise remains CBT in nature.

[Hine addresses this in part: relaxed confidence and mindfulness.]

Y’know, my random head turns and twitches; I might be responding to Dana—

Invocations (via Hine)

  1. History of deeds—biography, testament
  2. ritual inv. Of qualities & traits
  3. if assuming godform/possessory, state powers & identity in first person
  • –or ritual statement of powers & welcome

[Elethis] -> it’s this –geez, I’ve been doing the wrong one

–Walking and breathing fully—

Hine also makes a big deal about statements of intent and that vague intentions and desires give vague results for magic.

But he also points to something Thorn does—CBT magical work, and that includes knowing one’s strengths, weaknesses, etc.


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