Reforming Demons

Sometimes Dana comes closer—and it’s like that cinematic “The ghost steps closer, really close, really fast” effect I’ve seen.

It has been a warm, glorious, windy day of bright sun, green trees, blue skies, and wind. I decided to have my conversations with my demons while walking in Saiyûnor, in Haisuith.

I began with the Beast into KL, then [the Spider] into AL took coaxing  but—well—the day and venue were conducive, and Ellethis and Dana were strong arguments. AL wants to live as I suspected. Harder seemed to be _________: it  took more coaxing, and we had to talk about Mom & Dad but also the large swath of folks who are friends and family. In time, I talked ________ into becoming LtY. Live as sidhe, not demons, & compact to do so.

From there, I wandered and chattered first with TF (after paying my respects to Saerien)—who maintains he’s a spirit. Then Dana as I spoke to her close.

But KL, AL, LtY form a part of my pantheon, and I should cultivate my relationship with them.

I meditated for a while and focused on relaxation and [Elethis] into my upper chakras. It was mostly about relaxing and med’ing today. A string of Statements of Intent and greater attention to the ritual interaction with the WtaW.


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