Dana, the Tree, & Worlds

I think a good portion of the social anxiety comes through or filters through ___________, so invoking LtY (or some AL) seems to help. Focusing on a WtaW or breathing also helps.

[WTAW] [Elethis] these WtaW are both parts of a tree—branches and leaves

Dana’s presence makes me wonder if she tethers, anchors, beckons, beacons, guides, holds the sidhe back to their fae natures, back to the ___—and I—back during the days when _________ and I were talking with ____________ about ____________/__________—that the sidhe had an ability to connect with most any realm, some underlying connection or link or way/form of doing things. Is Ellethis is? Is it Dana? Both (and the Same?)? Even on Eire the Tuatha came ashore at Sligo/Knocknarea, and I’ve called Saiyûnor the “shores of Chaos”—and they had three queens after whom the island was named. Eire became tied in some way until the Sons of Mil and Amergin (he knew how to undermine, how to pollute and corrupt it). Was Eire then Dana & Ellethis’s connection for us to this world?

Alternatively, or further, had we a narrative, adoptive paradigm for moving from realm to realm?

In Eire we were “invaders,” and ___ and co. certainly saw us as outsiders. Amergin figured the Celts as invaders, but the Brits also invaded (and Scandinavians).

Reality scrobbling and overwriting (cf. banality)—we have (imperfect) means for resisting, getting in, and engineering a realm. We like to form enclaves or to seek enclaves amenable to us. We are roaming reality deviants, faerie nomads of the time streams, moving to different realms and doing stuff.

I suspect we engineer realms’ paradigms to be more amenable to us, paradigmatically and otherwise. Dana & Ellethis serve as ways for us to recover ourselves if we get lost or “go native.” Mind you, I don’t know about ___________ and others.

(Cf. the notion of Faerie touching & bridging worlds)

But Ellethis, the Tree, Dana, Eire, Yggdrasil—I suspect Ellethis isn’t in Haisuith but I’m seeing it from whatever realm it stands in, and its presence is such to see it in Saiyûnor and Haisuith, and Athene and Dana point to it.

There are points where I become aware of the geometries & Chaos of ___ or my mundane actions and movements, and I find myself both cognizant of my state but also of the magic of such situations and environments.

There is a kind of dissonance in being sidhe and in being here in the US right now, but there’s something to play with and to exploit in that dissonance. (Also, the trick is to perform US 21st century sidhe—somehow.)

[WTAW]         WtaW patterns on the Tree?

(1) Realms

(2) Meta-(in)stability for realms & selves (A)

(3) Identity Fatigue/Reality Absorption

->(4) (Kirlian) Energy helps buffer one against it, but relaxed confidence in the face of it (halthaya and mûl-ôl) are more efficient in the long run—

(A) see previous notes re: Chaos and etc.

* * *

Ellethis does, at times, make me think of a dark, massive tower, a Dark Tower even, and I can imagine others perceiving it that way.

The thought occurs to me that Ellethis and Dana are, in part, “landmarks”—go off in search of them and that path/journey will eventually take you elsewhere in the realms, but I’m not sure how much that’s an attractive notion and how much that’s Romanticism and wishful thinking/delusion—but how much of that uncertainty is halthaya.

Because it occurs to me that what I’m doing recently is similar to the path Odin opened to me on __________. Staring at trees and med’ing on the WtaW that develop.

I could help others see Ellethis, but I would have to “enchant” and englamour them, and that is easiest with the willing and by doing it.

And these perceptions make the world weird and marvelous.

What’s more important, I think, right now is pursuing magic and sprezzatura (relaxed confidence) and perceptual prowess and striding through Saiyûnor and Haisuith and regaining alamûri and integrating myself again—

Ellethis often has an HDR chroma and luma quality during the day.

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