Urban Dreams, More Whispers, Social

Dana seemed louder, more direct in her communications at night.

One thing to note with the way I’m doing chakra work is that I have to make sure to have all the chakras going that I have so far.

I’ve asked K to help me with hearing Dana more clearly since I think halthaya & the psychic censor get in the way.

“This is the tree of our people that stands at the center of the land—can you see it? Can you hear it? The rustling of its leaves. The glimmer of the leaves in the sun.”

“I am your goddess—”

These are not—I’m not sure those aren’t my imaginings—Dana tends to produce a very definite response—the head jerking and at times cowering response. There is very much a sense of Other and outside my head—but I think she’s louder or more distinct at night. But she’s always there.

________ wanders if—since I may have seen Ellethis since I was very young—my perception of such gargantuan, off scale tree may have influenced my size-changing fascination. Being indoors does tend to get to me after a point—and I wonder how it may contribute to my SAD I may experience (increased cloudiness, less time outside, etc.).

Haisuith seems more remote, obscured, inside [work]. “Koranith” may be more accurate inside—not sure if that’s human, buildings, corporate, or something else.

Geez, it is that aspect of something like Mad City (not as monolithic like in WOD, but…and not as super-concrete), or the city-scapes. While I can project beyond, can sense the outside, I can see that Koranith is constraining—I wonder if my dreams have been “caught” within Koranith—and that’s contributed to being/feeling cut-off from Saiyûnor/Haisuith. It’s hard to dream of the outdoors, in Haisuith or beyond—preparing your bedroom may help, though I’m unsure precisely how. Grounding VK in Haisuith and Saiyûnor, or making a window out of Koranith. Imbuing those stones & putting them under my bed might help with windows to Haisuith. That should help?

[WTAW] Koranith WtaW at [work]?

There’s something to be said for severing sympathetic ties to lost, unwanted places—or to memories of those places, done in a calm & detached state. The mind and dreams return to places.

I wonder about some recurring outdoor dreams I’ve been drawn to return to.

It’s a glorious day, and there in the wind and sun, I felt free and fae and young and made of light. I can feel I brought something in with me, and I feel like a sidhe of light, maybe even like what _______ saw.

Oh, that the buildings of humanity can be such—well, korvenn, raell, come to mind…Or that they hedge out and filter what’s out there.

I had the notion the other day of the eleri forming or finding a community here on Haisuith—not necessarily overt or open—and doing something like what we did in Eire in connecting/anchoring the land (the three queens), though I imagine it would be different. Part of me wonders if that’s a thing that could be done.

I don’t talk to anyone these days—and ___ has seemed, well, to be in a rough spot with ____ right now. __________ has withdrawn (for understandable reasons) (and she lacks the desire for the kind of exploration I’ve been doing). _______ was never close and wouldn’t have the same headspace. _____ & ____ are _____ & ____.

Instead, I have ____ & ________ and other friends.

With the wind in the trees, I think I’ve been doing a lot of what I did after the ______ on _________, after Odin and the ____________ banishment—what ___ dubbed seidr.

Sometimes I feel like I’m sliding into a different world, of color and magic—into Saiyûnor and Elethis and where Dana calls me—sometimes it’s this same world but different—it’s chilly and windy, but there’s more—

I think it started, and I hope it happens—and I want it—

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