Idling Reflections

I feel it grows easier and easier to see into Saiyûnor and Haisuith to see Elethis and Dana. In part, this comes from practice and having more energy. Fanning my “flames,” drawing in energy and then fanning and channeling my own seems to help me, increase energy, and make it easier to see. The day and sun also seem to help, even if I stay in the shade. I also wonder if I also attune myself to that reality—[Elethis] and so on—with my energy work.

I glance out over the distance and Dana strolls and laughs and dances and sings on bright sunlit fields, woods in the distance behind her.

But Elethis seems far clearer. My sense of its position and scale is still wonky at times.

Fanning my flames right now, they’re emerging out of manapura.

I do see how, solo, this awareness can breed complacency and stasis—well, contentment, and it’s nice to relax and rest—and I find myself wanting others to share it with.

Okay, so what glamours and magics can aladir do? Glamours of concealment, of seeming & persuasiveness, shapeshifting, role-playing, emotion, of vision and prophesy, of fate and wyrd, of augmentation (physical, mental, social, speed), of evocation and tulpu, of invocation, of shifting and travel—synchronicity—of healing. The ______, the paths, are really forms of magical obsession that can be difficult to escape from or end.


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