Magic, Dreaming, Elthil, and More

There has been rapid progression of magic lately on my part, but this points to further challenges, progress, and soul-work and therapy. My ability to channel energy will also need much further work—and trying to attune it to other resonances is probably good. Feri electric blue fire, light, “ki,” glamour (is that an energy or a practice?), etc. Starlight—

Beyond that, which is important & necessary—okay, how do you do that? You have the intermittent chakra stuff at work, but you need more sustained work. Aligning actually flushes me (and hyper-ventilates), leading me to need some time before further work, but better aerobic capacity may help?

Timing—doing something after getting home and as part of the formal practice—may help. Combining this with tai chi may be fruitful. It’s tempting to try to fan up really hot and fast, but that’s tiring and inefficient, likely leaving periods of quiescence after the fact. Thorn’s notes on different fires are helpful here, and learning to modulate may be, likely, a good long-term skill to develop. Heighten and run hot when necessary, then cycle down to a more sustained level for daily life. Also, don’t think in RPG reified terms (needing SO MUCH mana or glamour for magic). Remember: sustain enough/a level to resist halthaya and mûl-ôl and to resist stressors.

Otherwise, I find my mind & perceptions sliding into a hybrid awareness for Haisuith and Saiyûnor that reminds me of the early days in the ‘90s when we were first lucid: color temperature and tone seem to shift richer or at least a perceptual level, and there’s this slight sense of either uncanniness or transfiguration and greater depth. People seem a bit more present. It’s a nice reminder—after staring at trees and skies & so on—of the magical level of persons and indoor environments (a bit more Koranith, I guess). The flat seems generally okay, and _____ is ______. I can see how we wound up being paranoid and jumping at things—and how others called up “___’___” and other things, as well. This awareness suggests a more general progression of magical awareness.

I have spent a good chunk of time redeveloping (and honing) visionary and perceptual prowess, learning/remembering how to see and feel and channel. Learning to relax for the first time in my life in ways that don’t involve food, nicotine, etc. Moving towards active, more than sensory magic is a shift. In part, CM provided a paradigmal basis, examples, etc. for you to build from.

You can begin to build energy in manapura (& I should go upwards, at least). The nature of your visualization is important—you can build denser forces (more sustained fires, light, wind, etc.) Tantric lore locates most prana originating in the root chakra (well, for men? It is mostly about men wanting to fuck or to masturbate to ascension (moksa), and that’s the next chakra for me.

Active magics—okay, there’s something to be said for somatic foci (mudra?) to build and direct energy (I need a name for this, but what I have varies…), and gestures and mudra going towards WtaW or sigils that convey & connect to the desired change and into Saiyûnor to actualization. Lucid dreaming is one I have a WtaW for, but other than wishing and “pushing” really hard, I’m not sure what to do. PC and Hine say that getting into the right mindset is the first part (AC basically says this, as well, in Book 4) once you develop the specific intention, frame the appropriate sigil and fire & forget. (Even their emphasis on meditative focus is little more than learning to push really hard in one direction.) The idea is that your subconscious goes to work on the task at hand (somehow knowing what & how to do). And that may be fine for something like LD.

Indeed, it could be useful to fashion a spell to seek out or intuit/learn how to conceive of how to achieve effects more consciously or how to think/affect reality more directly. [AL] might be a good choice—using AL as a path for those effects and knowledge.

The dramatic glamours are probably a matter of performance and mindset—that magical sprezzatura. However, that said [Elethis] has been a fairly universal balm and source of late, and for the _____ glamour and magics—

–trance states have been a lot of what my work with [Elethis] has entailed. Don’t overthink, though. You already “know”—you are aladir and have glimpsed/intuited a lot of it. Drama as trance; drama as ritual magic.

In this sense, taking a cue from John Constantine may be helpful. You just have to do what you feel needs to be done to actualize an effect. Relaxing into spontaneous effects, being confident—in a sense, it’s the seemingly intuitive aspect of CM and its adaptability and flexibility of practice, though perhaps not belief or sense of self. There is the dramatic aspect of CM—which it premises differently—but alamûri is far less—assy about it. There’s a lot of overlap, and I can see how it’s aided me, especially with my greater hermeneutic experience now. But alamûri has far more glamour and theater to it.

“Servitors” are forged chimerae at that point—“wisps” you create. Even specialized ephemeral tulpu (not materialized).

AC’s notes on the “theft of the virtue” of talisman’s (Xianity robbing the mysteries & old religions) power suggests to me Amergin’s poisoning of the well in Eire.

Part of the trick in seeing into Saiyûnor is just believing you can. Just seeing. Looking up &, yep, there it is. Relax into awareness.

Elthil (el-theel) -> light/energy

(sheen/glistening of stars)

In a sense, I feel like CtD is a potential guide to some things because Saiyûnor is in a way the Dreaming, and Haisuith goes with that. Koranith is not “bad” or necessarily “banal”—banality is a manifestation/form of halthaya and mûl-ôl.

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