Sacred Space, Energy, Visualization, Otherworlds

Casting a circle and preparing a ritual space is really about (1) trying to make yourself aware of the Dream; (2) trying to make yourself and your space present and active in the Dream; (3) “purify” the immediate area of the Dream, driving off unwanted beings and influence while adjusting locale resonance. However, most praxes focus on grounding into the Real—banishing the Otherworldly forces [pentacle] (ala LBRP). Feri, at least, tries to draw down into the Real [invoking pentagram]. Most people don’t think of it in these ways, though. It’s more about “purification” rather than doing or becoming aware.

(The Real and Koranith are seen as such filthy places, strewn with “trash” and “low-lifes”—AC & GD & co. all perceive it as an urban ghetto, and they are the elite who have to clean up and gentrify the spiritual ‘hood.)

For me, it’s about presence and awareness, but also clarity and lucidity. I think my “presence” wanders outside into the street, but—well—that’s probably where I’ve been attacked in the back and shoulder blades as often as I have. Things & beings wander Saiyûnor and Koranith. I’ve thought I’ve seen a large reptile loping along [road], or at least it was a memorable fancy.

* * *

Working with Kundalini, almost spontaneously, and getting it as free and as high as I did seems ludicrously easy—mind you, I had no idea what to do with it while it was loose, and while it was interesting, invigorating, and pleasant, it wasn’t the orgasmic experience I’d been led to expect. Now, this may be a method for sustaining a presence and building energy stores. It seemed rather fixed in terms of energy—hell, almost semi-solid. Learning how to direct it seems like something to do, but I also think of _______’s comments on channeling environmental forces rather than just burning away at the self’s stores. However, awareness of one’s energies, adjusting resonance, etc., is valid.

* * *

CM has its own attempts at consecrating spaces—the “Chaosphere” and purple pyramid or whatever they call it. It’s essentially the creation of an artificial space in the Dream, but I suspect most folks spin off into their own heads.

That’s the problem. Visualization needs to be projected out into the Real and Dream, has to bridge your mind, the Dream, and the Real. The lit doesn’t move people away from the mental, interiorized space [it even discourages it]. Repeated ritual practice may accrete presence to a space, but that’s rote drudging method. AC & PC & Hine all engaged in it.

[WtaW] is a lucid WtaW, but it’s applicable for being lucid in the Dream. My habit to talk/RP out situations & scenes can be a blessing and a curse—easy to internalize, but it facilitates projection into the Dream.

[I call it the Dream(s) because my awareness of them and experience tends to lend them a dreamlike uncanniness and ambience, and I think our access to them operates along similar processes as dreaming.]

As experiential beings, the WtaW possess evocative influence and reality and presence in the Dream. Any symbol or sigil or word can do so/be such in the Dream. All symbols point to the signified/reality, and that bridge—the trace—is more literal and present/accessible in the Dream. CM sigil magic tries to use this to construct sigils that they brute force into the Dream in the hopes it’ll unfold and manifest/actualize across the Dream into the Real.

Saiyûnor, the Green, Koranith all bleed together, rhizomatically, in Haisuith (and others—the Shadowlands, etc.), and though they try to claim/connect/usurp each other, they mostly coexist. The local MI is good to keep in mind, but getting into the Dream should be possible. We can have, or do have, a presence in the Dream and/or Haisuith, and as ______ notes, and as I’ve seen, little weird things happen all the time. Covert, coincidental effects should always be possible—and spaces of power/presence should be fashionable.

_______  says _____’s thoughts on the ‘Scapes and Dream are based on her thoughts for how local reality works. So, y’know, awesome then. The RPGs sometimes do a better job of contextualizing things than the occult folks do.

To a good degree, AC & PC & co. are trying to engineer a reproducible way of making mages. Since they likely learned/developed in this way, those rote processes are reproduced and dogmatized. The magical mindset is developed through AC’s and c.m.’s melodrama and seriousness while CM relies on rampant male ego and hubris. The sense of presence is what’s mostly off—it becomes incidental and accidental.

Aladir understood that once you’re present in Saiyûnor, all actions, performance, speech, etc. become magic—you are magic—and you bridge the Dream into Haisuith. So you’re always doing magic, or can be.

* * *

AC points to the assumption that divination methods have “intelligences” associated with them, with whom the mage/diviner communes with. He notes that geomantic intelligences apparently don’t like him, but those of the yi king do. He’s talking about WtaW, after a fashion. (But without attributing fullness to them.)

* * *

Why do I, when aware of myself in the Dream, act as if I am being watched? In part, I am—I observe myself, for there is an alienation from normal (lack of) awareness.

Otherwise, the world—the environment, buildings, trees, whatever, are watching in their ways. (Is it the sense of observation or the presence I react to?) I wonder if that’s partly what I felt all those years ago in ________’s car—the world and myself noting my presence in the Dream.

What AC and others call the HGA may be nothing more than the realization of a full magical presence, awareness, and power/action in Haisuith (the Dream and the Real), and they conceive of it as a kind of ascensionist moment. (Or success in the Dream, Chaos, and beyond cannot be conceived of as anything other than “ascension.”) Now, AC presents this achievement as perfect knowledge and magical ability/wisdom—and there’s a sense of contacting one’s Pure One, which may be more accurate.

AC also proposes using invocation and the assumption of godforms as a way to “fortify” and “purify” the Body of Light (BoL).

Posture, breathing, temperature, the way the light falls—white noise—all of these factors affect how I feel and how I project into the Dream and how Haisuith feels to me.

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