Getting out of Your Head

My rooms have always been refuge to me, and it is important to have at least a room of one’s own. But no matter what magic I do in my room, nor its presence in the Dream, the magic and I—I want to live as magic, with magic, in the world. I want to have my presence there and beyond, to embrace Chaos and magic and potentiality in the world. I don’t want to hide in my room.

And, by the same token, I do not want to live in my head. I’m working to improve that particular space, but I want a richer, more connected, actualized life of magic and love. I want to project my mind outward into the world. My mind has been another refuge and bastion, but it has been a lonely fortress haunted.

And as the haze parts and the sky and clouds and light clear, I feel better and Elethis is far more present now.


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