Skulk Dreams and Wings

One thing—my dreams are so banal and lame & seemingly mundane in content (pacing and structure not withstanding) that deviations are notable. I noted in my dream journal the one with ________’s head held up by fingers or tendrils as something or someones tried to impersonate him until I started paying attention to the deception. I’d been chatting quietly with “him” and it’d been whatever for so long. It was like a parallel dream process as well—sort of concurrent or cut-away from the main dream. Another form of halthaya and mûl-ôl? Although admittedly “a dream,” it’s very noteworthy.

Halthaya and mûl-ôl make us distracted from or forget magical events much as we forget or dismiss dreams. It’s the same process in a way.

After remembering and noticing the skulk(s) again, while it could be dream interpretation and carry-over of knowledge, this also strikes me as spying and psy-ops.

I think about what’s been left, deposited, and secreted into my mind as halthaya processes—many of them may be my creation and my adaptations of and accreted over other things, but—halthaya is always going on, and much of that is going on in my mind.

________ knows of hoodie dude, hanging out near the laundromat.

Shoulder blade chakras are back facing heart chakras—tied to many of the same associations.

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