Familiar Havok, Alphabet Desire, Great Work

K had an encounter with the flesh beast skulks  and is recovering at home—apparently he had some issues with the storm yesterday, as well. (I suspect he got too curious about the hoodies.) I’m thinking rousing JW, ________, and the _____________ may be an idea—for Guardians at home and otherwise. (JW is “easily bored,” may not be good idea, but maybe as recon? She’d definitely be more vigilant, though. She could be okay with the ______, or with VU—go with VU. MW and VU? VU would care more and want to help ____. MW might chill and be less bored than JW.)

Where they come from, I’m not sure. The infestation at [work] was building more of them from what they stole from people, so there’re likely more nests around. I have the impression of underground (steam tunnels at [uni]? Caverns?) That suggests something endemic in [town] and (likely) the [metro area], at least.

They feel like a threat but also a distraction but also a challenge.

Prepare the figures (JW, MW, VU), rouse their chimerae—Testament, Call, Charge.

K is feeling better, but he needs more time, I think. (He doesn’t complain.)

* * *

Mace advocates the creation and discovery of an “alphabet of desire” (via Spare)—unique symbols significant to the mage drawn from their subconscious. WtaW, essentially—with the CM pulling them from Chaos and the Dream. Mace advocates having a “balanced” or harmonized system to avoid undue biases and so forth. He also advocates some personal version of the Tree of Life to help schematize, but I feel this constrains and is an arbitrary imposition of order.

He points to Jung’s anima/animus as CM version of HGA as a source of magical techniques, lores—and I can see how Dana is like this in Mace’s paradigm.

I have been calling to wild things of Dream for ages just as Dana has called to me. “Connoisseur of Chaos” comes to mind.

I am a child of Day and Sun and Light, a child of Wood and Oak and Songs. And it’s great.

If Dana is my “HGA”—she should perhaps be so for any [fey]—

There’s an implication in CM (and even AC) that all magic is ultimately a product of humans & mages externalizing their magic to psychic and astral being mediation. However, if we accept humans can do this in one realm, why not a multiverse filled with potentially capable beings.

_______? Am I moving towards that?[1]

Mace is all about “binding spirits to obedience”—and this summoner paradigm is kinda shitty and assholic. He’s also buying into anti-masturbation BS (wasting energy & giving birth to succubi sorta shit).

CM is galdr-craft, phallologocentric stuff.

I tried to make a pact with [uni egregore]—we’ll see how that goes.

Dana and recent things have opened me to new knowledge and ability—but Dana has been more inspiring than vocal as yet. I am still learning to hear, and she has also tried to teach me to listen & relax and—be more like Dana.

[1] A fae reference to what would amount to “the Great Work” towards the HGA.


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