Dana, Chimerae, Life Force

Dana speaks to me beyond what I’ve written so far, but I think (1) a lot of it has filtered in subconsciously and (2) it requires me to be relaxed, open, receptive. She is also an example, muse, inspiration—her in the rain laughing; trying to coax me into the World and the Dream. There is a lot of coaxing—and when I see her, I feel light, strong, inspired, young, powerful, awed, and even humbled by the world.

Kundalini seems to default to a tight, dense state, but you can “fan” it out and shape it (obviously). (Ordinarily, it is very bound.) (Can you “unbind” the elthil of others? Well, yes. How easily?)

[VU] VU          [JW] JW


Okay, so I’m going all “sacred sigils” ala Mace here, but it’s the WtaW for these chimerical characters.

[K] K   Elethis [Elethis] and Dana together are a font of magic and identity and confidence in my life.

Sometimes I feel like lightning coiled around my spine. (—no wonder you were sore and feeling off…)

I still haven’t tried to project close to Elethis—I’ve imagined being closer, the leaves casting shadows on the ground from miles away, but not to get to touch it. I don’t trust my senses, my ability to see, but I’ve seen how visions grow in clarity with practice and work. It’s distance and scale—they have significance for me, but making sense of it at that scale up close seems difficult. And I’m afraid of screwing up the situation/experience.

The WtaW snake through Chaos, fate, Wyrd, experience, and the Dream with coils of elthil and causality action purpose narrative choice. These coils are in the environment (Tellurian/Tapestry) but also move through experiences and time, earth and more. Much of that elthil is bound into matter, energy, life, and causality—but directing flows from outside should be possible (from Chaos itself should be possible, but likely difficult.) (It would be trying to influx elthil into a meta-stable/lower-MI environment, and numerous ethical considerations come to mind.)

(But then, the hoodies are harvesting from people and processes.)

(What does a mass extinction do? It releases the elthil of the lives and potentialities back into the environment, to Earth, but much spill-off could result & be collected by parasites and scavengers.)

Elethis I first saw as a mass of coils of elthil, and while that was in part poor resolution, the leaves and limbs in the wind—that vision is still “true” (i.e., valid). Which says something for the secret of the tree branches and leaves soughing and the elthil of realms and more.

But there are currents/flows from outside—the Multiverse breathes with SG’s breath—and Elethis and Saiyûnor are instances. And these flows provide a means to travel in some manner.

Each flow/coil is a WtaW—and represents an experiential reality of some kind, even if it’s a path. Narrow twisting cave passages into other worlds, water ways, strange doors and corridors. The destinations may be realms or smaller pockets/“Polder realms.” (Even maybe the “head” of the WtaW in question. You could have also parasitic/preying/trap paths—hungry serpents in the dark.)

But Elethis and Dana are glorious validations of magic and elfy fae-ness in the world.

AL and I did have a bit of a talk about “general muscle soreness is not cancer/random disease” earlier.

In Cath Mage Tuired, it’s Angus who counsels the Dagda re: the greedy blind man and Bres. It’s interesting that the trade skills of the TDD in CMT are individualized, but they have numerous “druids,” “sorcerers,” and “people of power.”

Out on my walk, two things occurred to me. One, the colossus in the clouds/blue sky—may be another vision of Elethis, or a precursor to what came to me. Second, there is more than Elethis. I think there’re mountains and forests and a vast, titanic Dream in Saiyûnor, and it started to come into sight for me today. Elethis anchors my vision, but it may be the beginning.

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