Wild Imagination, Power, and Who Lurks Within

My ability to see into the edges of the Dream improves, and the white mountain also offers a landmark. Daring may be my greatest hurdle right now—or ever, really. The mount seems consistently northward, but that’s just the Plains into Canada.

That said, the hoodies seem to be missing or in hiding.

“The lupine warlords of _____”—this line from “Connoisseur of Chaos” [a poem I wrote] keeps coming to me. That wild imagination and vision is something to call upon, to evoke into this realm and Saiyûnor. One approach may be to list a series of potential entities, divine a WtaW, and assemble them.

The Lupine Warlords of _____ are werewolf-like beings dressed in armor and uniforms, led by Aranix, but including Claradaax. They rule the canines of ______ and much of the sprawl of downtown.

[WtaW]          symmetrical   They are proud but vicious, honorable and quick to anger. They number seven before counting their canine legions.

The Brood of Velfethnor

[Elethis] [Elethis]      Elethis WtaW needs to be more vertical than I’ve had it.

Most praxes regarding the Body of Light (BoL) or Subtle Body emphasize projection and OoB activities, not moving the BoL with you. Now, yes, there’s a yogic sense of self—energy work and the notion of one’s aura as a thing—AC paints the image of such praxes and power, and Spare has a rep.

Egg-Lady had a presence that announced itself—she radiated static and jaggedness into the environment. And she saw _______, ____, and I. She carried some power with her. With Spare, he apparently developed daring, sprezzatura, and confidence, practiced extensive tantra, etc.

I guess I should read some Spare.

I’ve noted before that sometimes I’ve thought FitE is a thin, willowy, lighter (light and weight and color) & a version of me—I’m reminded of the – face I saw in the mirror in the dream I had long ago—and I wonder if that’s some faerie “me” rather than Malekim, that the face I actually saw was my own, but I interpreted it as other—because it’s fae, less human. At least a rather fae and queer me, an other me. Maybe even a bit “silverskin” like Elric.

There is a Dream of myself locked away in myself. Shells and rooms and drams and notions and fears and wards have been built up around “me,” and that kernal of self has been wearing so many things, hidden away from myself—the white room at the top of the stairs, the top of so many stairs, the place I want to find, but I keep exploring decaying facades. The mirror—on the other side of the mirror—always looking out from behind my eyes, but never quite seeing through the eyes.

This ego and personality has been erected as a scaffolding to hide and protect me (her? Us?) in this realm? An accretion disc of self surrounding a singularity hidden—okay, the black hole analogy isn’t the most appropriate. But even in that dream, that vision was mediated, and that was a young “self”—not mature (nor was “I” at the time).

Dana grins. She wants me to do something with this. This is what we wanted, but it is still unfurling.

It’s another reason I’ve never had much luck with dreaming. I’ve been hiding from myself—and I wasn’t ready to—know myself.

“I” am still significant, real, and important—but it’s the fusion and union of us that I should pursue.

The ____’____ have had a closer sense of certain things, but they erected a different kind of edifice.

M is fragile, and—but ________, who is far more a further being, composite and born/fashioned from many worlds, is less so, I think.

Connect to the Dream—connect it to the Dream. There is Ag/TL of _______, but M is the star (el) even there.

I am still fit and stronger, but I am also more fae, more present in the Dream.


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