Anxiety, Grumpy Old White Men, Relaxation

I woke up late last night and had been dream-fretting over work, and though I’d done a light/quick circle and [pentagram]’s before bed, I did so again while drowsy before going back to bed. I dreamt about CM instead (but I had read Hine and Carroll before bed).

PC is a grumpy old white man libertarian scientician. And he reifies magic and magery far too much.

The tai chi effect to blood pressure and hypertension—hell, general energy work can probably reproduce those reclamations of self, empower the Presence, and relax, but it should be a regular practice—woven into waking rituals (some variation on Aligning—Thorn’s has a good basis, but I spend too much on the first part). Cf. LVX ritual and similar rites out of GD and Thelema. And I think something at night as part of pre-sleep would help.

(Ah, learning things on my own the GD and co. learned ages ago.) (Note, though, I think the stated basis and reason for doing so is distinct.)

Actually, it’s just the Middle Pillar and Yoga in GD and AC—I think Thorn has a better sense of purpose then.

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