Cleansing Your Space, Clearing Your Headspace, Occult Misogyny

The mindfulness of the Dream—stop fretting about magic and do it as it comes up, relax into it. Don’t get slack, but be mindful.

I’ve been burning and rushing to fill my mind, heart, and soul—take a step back & keep calm. Remain vigilant, mindful, do your energy work, magic, and even relaxation and chilling and projection. Be social and inhabit your world.

MW was giving me social lessons earlier. He suggests doing more with LtY and LT (something invocatory). Also, AL needs his mental headspace flushed of the cancerous negativity he’s been trawling for ages.

My relationship with M needs time, gentle/light-touched attention, and practice/experience. I wonder if M’s fragility carries over a little right now.

A dancing, light mind.

* * *

AL: I cast aside the cancers and webs that cloud and corrupt my mind—I reject them and let them fall away into the waters where they melt and rejoin the greater universe. Instead, my mind dances along better potentialities, alights upon joy and song and glamour, prophesies truth, and weaves happy fates to chase and embrace.

I breathe in unclouded airs free of the old haze. I gaze into the skies clear with unfilmed eyes to seek visions. I speak new stories of freedom and power and harmonies. I sing songs of adventure, love, romance, magic, and new times unfurling before me.

KL: I stand proud but calm, the fury that ascends turned against worthy foes in worthy ways. I rise over those about me, an oak amongst bushes, and I shelter the good, direct my arms against monsters and poisoners, the treacherous. I move with long strides, and I strive to act as hero, not as monster, nor as fiend. I wield my anger as a skilled blade, but I strike as proper and in proportion to the foe and the field.

* * *

Yeats saw us, I suspect, as elemental powers, as astral, aesthetic beings, trying to make sense of the fae through the GD paradigm.

So much misogyny in AC, AOS, and CM (Hine seems okay; Mace, too, I think. PC is just a grumpy old libertarian male.)

I should cleanse the resonance of the flat, flush old, bad chi and allow better elthil to flow. Open the side doors, pick up the floor/paths, and do something in the rooms. Thursday would be a good day to do so.

Hine makes a compelling argument for the use of banishing rituals, and it occurs to me I do something through the [pentacle] & the Guardians, but I find this is sacralization rather than cleansing. (And cleaning isn’t the same thing.) LBRP isn’t paradigmatically appropriate anymore—

Hine & others note the adaptability of LBRP—but I find myself wanting something—

Use the WtaW of the Guardians of Feri and use the normal ritual but project and presence into the Dream—and, well, do what needs to be done each room. Salt in the rooms? As a fae, using salt seems—counterproductive for me. It could be a good purifier act—soak up the bad shit and then move it outside. Make a salt sink, take it through the flat room by room and direct the bad shit in and then move on before taking it outside.

Clear out your own “webs” in your room, too—those have probably caught a fair amount of crap from you over the years.

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