Living & Head Space, Cosms, Subtle Bodies, Scaling

Space and environment determine in part your headspace and the bounds of that space. The GD speaks of the Sphere of Sensation as an aural zone for the BoL, and the difference between indoor and outdoor [for me] is far too significant. Feri & Thorn acknowledge the mental and perceptual “bodies”—in many ways the bounds of breath in GD and Thorn—and this puts me in mind of urban life and even travel, even habitual commutes and the sedentation that occurs. Travel literally broadens the mind, and it is too easy to become mentally and spiritually trapped in spaces. In a sense, these become Dream domains or cauls that reify into self-relations and hardened locale psyscapes.

TV and monitors offer a nominal escape, but we remain “aware” of the mediation of those experiences in the enclosed, concretized, habitual spaces we watch. They’re also always only images projected, and the corporeal action of life is detached from cognitive experience, and imagination and perception become alienated and mediated and constrained.

This is what you’ve rebelled against at [work] and what you abate by going outside at home, work—and why you dream in Koranith and want to return to Haisuith and Saiyûnor.

I tried to go from room to room, banishing today. The flat still needs an airing out, but it’s getting hot now, and I didn’t want wind to fuck with ________’s door.

The GD Sphere of Sensation is a concept they relate to aura and Presence, but it also gets tied to older notions of Micro and Macrocosm. The Sphere is the individual “world” that we inhabit, and it can be as wide or as enclosed as we allow it to be. The GD (torturedly) try to connect this notion to classical and Renaissance Macrocosmos and Ren hermetic occultism so that the mage reproduces hermetic reality (especially the Tree of Life etc.) in themselves in an attempt to associate that self/personal ToL in the Sphere to the Macrocosmic equivalent—that association forming a link if done right that allows the Great Work to proceed, to connect the self with the powers that be (including the Higher Self as it exists at various levels of existence). What’s interesting here is that it shows the use and value of paradigm while also the value of experience, contextualization (fae  benefit from experience of something fae-like to connect to externalized realities of fae in some way—Tolkien elves and Irish myth help us connect to those realities in the greater multiverse), and we still act as bridges across the real into the Dream via our Presence (for the Presence is also our Presence in this and the broader Multiverse).

Feri/Thorn are more fluid in what the Presence and that Sphere can encompass, and where the GD saw the Sphere as something to rigidly regiment and police—keeping one’s borders secure and one’s territory pure and ordered—Feri sees (I think) the potentially expansive nature of the Sphere while CM adopts a personal and shifting Sphere. (CM also posits an unconscious interaction between the Sphere and Chaos/Aethyric.)

However, all of these paradigms work to engineer the BoL/Sphere/Presence & Bridge, but most see it in terms of Micro & Macrocosmos (that appeal to authority in The Emerald Tablets and “as above, below”). However, far more diverse metaphors can be deployed: rhizomatic, trees, and outright Presence/Bridge into the Dream. Now, the Sphere model has an intuitive, commonplace element to it, but I’m not sure that’s the ultimate expression—gods and so forth don’t operate in such a manner. They’re there and here and present and exist—as Dana has told me about her and I. AC, I think, had a more nuanced, even more Presence-like sense of it all, as do AOS and Hine and Thorn.

[Elethis]->[curve] note angle of curves

Also, to consider—[Elethis] and the WtaW are living experiential beings, realities; M is within and defies the established magical paradigms for human systems;–

Also, I’m not sure how Egyptian and ancient or Asian magic systems intersect with these principles, though the GD and the growing global information spread have allowed many Asian elements in, especially in terms of med, focus, energy work—

Some WtaW—well, okay, some sigils and signs are not wyrms, and they have felt adversarial and alien and etc. Religious imagery and so forth has that sense—it either doesn’t like me, or I’m wary enough of letting that shit in. Asian, Xian, etc.—it’s all … infectious. Cancerous and angry. (Resonance? Something about the experiential realities?)

I did my Thursday business, and that seemed to go well. FitE is a bridge to M, and the whole flat seems a bit better since I tried to cleanse and banish earlier. I tried to project out to Elethis after my rite with Dana. She is more easily or readily present and visible these days. After the rite, the projection seemed more difficult than I thought it’d be. (1) I need to do energy work early, main or difficult business middle, then close with any tantric business. (2) Always guard against “merely” “imagining.” (3) Relax into these things. Don’t force visionary events.

Ultimately, Dana and I rushed towards it, but it’s very “far” away and very fucking “big.” She drug me by the hand ultimately, and we arrived off normal scale. We were gigantic, and I felt a bit diffuse, on a scale and with clarity that wasn’t great—I could see everything obscured by “blue sky,” and the experience reminds me of seeing the titans in the distant Dream. I touched, lay hands on Elethis, which was still a huge tree—

Back home, I noted the scale change. Dana led me into, and she told me—fairly clearly—that there was a reason I was fascinated by and interested in scale changing, and that it’s something to think about. Taking up _________ it occurred to me that Athene had a purpose in counseling me to prepare it for work in Chaos. It may prove a better anchor for helping shift and make sense of things on those scales.

These are things to mull and explore and to let my clarity improve. But the scale thing put me most immediately in mind of my “tallness” dreams.

During my rite with Dana, Elethis’s root overlay and replaced my Kundalini, and it was like we were trying to bust M out of a cell in my head. Maybe the White Room is a prison and trap as much as a sanctuary. Maybe it’s hard to leave after you’ve been there for a long time.


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