Representation, Magic, Wonders, Abstract Daemons

Is the elthil that is free flowing a product of the perception on life’s part of the patterns, symbols, and WtaW that emerge from phenomena and action/communication? So much elthil is bound into static forms and processes, but with the millions and billions of people, most of the elthil that results is being directed to very particular sigil/realms/concepts/beings—the thought-gods: the various Mammon, Paternoster, and so forth icons. (Also religion is a good scam to get into: there’s a reason cult leaders get the way they are, glutting on elthil and literally drunk on power.) [Money ties up so much potentiality, too.] Sapient sense of representation and representational symbology (1) allows us to point to some signified (God, Dana, wealth, etc.) and (2) allows us to assign significance and meaning to the material universe. However, don’t underestimate the intelligence of Earth, the trees, plants, and animals and their representational awareness nor their contribution to the elthil and the Dream. This representationality allows connections to form (or to strengthen) to other realms (storytelling, narrative, and art may be important, as well). Now this view suggests life on Earth created its Dream, and the spirits and gods within, but the Dream shapes the “Real” as well, and given different strata of reality, to deny “life” and sentience and sapience to the inhabitants of the Dream, let alone those who cross (through death and otherwise) is foolish. But since the Dream touches upon Chaos and the spaces in-between, surely there’re further gods and intelligences out there.

All patterns become alive and potentially magical, though suggestiveness and isolation is handy. Consider English: commonplace and mundane until you put it in an odd font or weave weird words, syntax, or themes/narratives/ideas together. Language and patterns point the mind and soul to things, realities, and forces.

The GD drenches itself in appropriated magic, spirits, and symbolism—trying to overload themselves with all they can weave together. But most of it is theurgy and theosophy, or at least they cloak it that way, masking supposed thaumaturgy as angel and elemental works, but they still try to compel them to do their wonders. But it’s sorcery and rubbish theater and visualization.[1]

Now gods and legendary mages have reputations for doing magic by speaking, by knowing words and ideas and how to weave them together. Magic often seems quite simple in the stories, but we can point to a few things:

  1. daring, no fucks given, clarity
  2. potent presence and magical power
  3. wit and verbal/artistic skill, dancing mind and sleight of mind
  4. lore and knowledge—especially of the right WtaW and the powers associated—knowing how to weave and direct those realities and powers
  5. uncanniness

Vanemuine, Merlin, Math, Odin, Tehuti—but also Freya, Hecate, Morrigan, Isis, etc.

The magic of the women has been marginalized and willfully appropriated or erased.

But magic involves that alamûri glamour and knowing how to manipulate meanings, reality, associations.

I feel like—I feel like I’m close to something big, and that reminds me of the dread I felt in the car with ______ and ____ all those years ago—that reality was waiting and watching. I feel like I’m glimpsing something of the backend, behind the curtains—and that while reality and diverse powers are paying attention, I have more allies and better connections than I had—and I feel a certain way “I should be thoughtful and cautious with what I muck with.” But networking—I should affirm my affiliations and mentors—

My pantheon, the _____, and powers here on Earth

Negotiation, give and take, transformation, art

All this serious business suggests a mood of patience and inaction/wait and see, but that’s the path of passivity and paralysis. Recklessness should be avoided, but throw yourself into change and chaos. And action.

GD posited Enochian was Atlantean and the oldest language in existence.

GD also fastidiously works to internalize & absorb Enochian and Hebrew.

All Enochian entities are discovered via names derived from arbitrary geometric patterns with magic squares for the tablets—they’re all abstractives, daemons of linguistic patterning that the GD tried to shape into their Hermetic paradigm.

[1] I’m defining theurgy as wonder-working/magic that relies upon convincing spirits/angels/gods to perform the wonders (this definition also reflects my use of sorcery). Theosophy I define as rituals or works done to better know the divine (and not Blavatsky’s movement). Thaumaturgy I define as wonder-working on one’s own, magic that the magic-worker performs his or her self. I draw my definitions in part from Philip Beitchman, Alchemy of the Word: Cabala of the Renaissance (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1998), 16-17, 49-50.


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