For the couple of handfuls of folks presently reading this blog–well, thank you. I wrote all of these entries originally for only myself, and Someone suggested I share them in edited form for the possible benefit of others. Now, this writing style means that this blog can be rather opaque, and the numerous abbreviations and codes probably don’t help. I do have a key I often update, which might help. (Maybe not.) I’ve also written all of these entries in a rather associative manner, as my mind and ideas led me from place to place. My editing for the blog tends to be in the interest of anonymity and the odd clarification. The associative writing style reflects that I’m overly educated (and under-paid). I also started considering many of these topics half a lifetime ago, and they have simmered or languished in my mind for many years. I will note patterns or similarities in recent readings, old notions, and art and criticism I’ve come across.

I suspect many who read are curious but not quite sure what’s going on from day to day. That’s fine. View it as (hopefully) fertile imaginative ground and take from it what you can. That’s partly the point. This blog also provides me the excuse and opportunity to go back and look at old journals for my own benefit as I transcribe them.

Right now, Raven Singer dates to last May. I just finished Fog-Choked Choirs–book 6, I think–and I’m into the next, as yet unnamed, volume. Following Raven Singer comes Other Phantom Children and then Dream Squalls. I try to post a day’s entry each day, so some are longer than others.


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