The Green, Enochian, Bergson Virtuality

The green has left me feeling sleepy in the morning until I align, but that may be because of slightly off REM cycles, or how I felt when going to sleep, or what’s happening as I dream. Or my body just wants more sleep.

I’ve been channeling all the Saiyûnor, Elethis, deep forest stuff, and while this feels good, and it’s helpful for developing skills, it’s less helpful for affecting/shaping Koranith—but that’s not necessarily true. Firstly, patience. Secondly, learning to negotiate these realms and to have a full sense of self and Presence is important and necessary. Your magical self needs development and strengthening.

I tried to grow my wyrd into a tree, grafting [Elethis] into it, but I’m not sure if that does anything.

Patience and mindfulness; inhabit the moment and project your Presence—remember your mind moves quick, faster than the world. And AL is very fast and prolific at finding/making connections, magic, and more.

I suppose I’ve always been feeling the draw of Elethis and Saiyûnor—for a long time, at least—I remember wanting to run through the woods half a life ago, the wind in the dark night woods have always been a call—I’ve always had that. Hell, Colorado? My kid constitutionals were an attempt to experience the morning world.

Y’know, as I think about it, Edward Kelley was probably scrying into something—maybe not angels, but he and Dee wanted angels, but that Renaissance Hermeticism carried forward and was amplified by the GD. The Enochian characters are distinct and likely something EK pulled out of the Dream, arranged into the magic tablets, and Dee’s geometric monomania spurred the pulling/forming of specific names.

Yeats notes Ezra Pound’s Cantos were something of a magical enterprise, charting emotional, archetypal, and Zodiacal patterns.

The green seems easy to channel, and it works well for pentagrams, even if I feel like I’m tracing shit into the air at times. Sometimes, I’m struck by the penetration and queer imagery, but—well—interconnectedness does that—and to deny the experience for heteronormative qualms that have done fuck all for me buys into BS that others, the GD, and CMs advocate. Also, I’m dealing with trees—roots and all that rooting at me are part of all that.

Dana says she is of Elethis as the god of that place, but we are all of Elethis (in some way), mother of _____. I’ve heard her called “dragon bone” by M.

I am perceiving metaphors and the shores of some other realm—it’s elthil and forms.

Bergson’s paradigm of time is very much akin to scrying and projection wherein we “leap” into the past as a place, medium, or “reality” before honing in on a “particular region” through symbols and referents until we find the right point to inhabit. The past is “virtual” in that it contains all possible recollections we could form, and thus, the potentiality for actualizing memory.

I am—okay, my horizon pushes back, and I can look beyond Elethis into more of Saiyûnor—a vast titanic realm of—woods, planes, more. And I get the sense that I’m looking at the shores here, the frontier as Saiyûnor blends into Haisuith. And deeper, I sense, kinda can make out that there are structures—castles, homes, settlements. And Elethis seems even larger, even closer—

My response to channeling the green has been marked, even if the major instances were while scaled up, though acclimatization seems rather possible/likely. The blue Octarine didn’t do so, nor did the Artron. It is note the sun, of course—but it’s sun-derived?

Remember kinesthesia.

Wind in the leaves, soughing—med’ing on that and Haisuith/Saiyûnor—all of it at once—so easy to just fixate on one thing at a time.

Sometimes I wonder if the green is something else, but mostly for its color—I’m imposing value judgments for color and texture, which isn’t valid. Trees—


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