Halthaya, Faerie, Incanting

K and I often talk magic while on the way to work on Saturdays—today we noted that weaving spells via words, lines, poetry is age-old, something I haven’t done, something I should be good at—most pagans resort to verbal theurgy, and even c.m. do so. There’s also a sense that the deeper shaping has been missed while most folks shout pleas or demands into the dark. (Also, I have to distinguish visionary poetry from shaping poetry.) But I’ve always felt that there was some special way to do it that I was busy trying to rediscover, but I’ve been discovering the ways: Presence, energy work, WtaW (sigil, speech, gesture).

_____ are not “nature fae” though we have a strong tie to nature, but the green is not just “nature,” nor is Elethis. I suppose we are not bound in such ways?

I have also fixated on Saiyûnor when there are other Aethyric realms touching into Chaos, but Athene, Dana, and I have been keen in these ways for Elethis.

CM adopts the approach it takes as an attempt to dodge halthaya (though specifically the psychic censor) without efforts to—I dunno—unweave it? CM views the censor as useful and as helpful for functioning in the world. I suspect CM isn’t sure how to rationalize the fact that magic, well, isn’t necessarily notionally complex in the way people think but is a matter of skill, development, practice, craft, daring, art: CM (and myself) don’t think of magic as art. CM want to regulate and normalize magic practice to bring the same pseudo-scientific “legitimacy” to magic that infects the liberal arts, humanities, and disciplines.

(It’s the technocratic paradigm creeping into everything, and the commodification of experience, knowledge, disciplines. This is also a form of halthaya. Recognize and move past.)

Also, your back is distracting you.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the green (is it distinguished from the Green that erupts through Koranith?) makes me envision my Presence as very fey: thin, wiry, almond eyes, long pointy ears, long flowing hair, light nut-brown skin—at other times, I’m a more fey version of myself.

Weaving verbal spells is something I feel weird doing ahead of time, but determining the purpose (statement of intent) can be necessary ahead of time. The thing is I have to determine how to weave without belaboring details—there has to be a lightness, a suggestiveness, openness for adapting circumstance. You have to guide things, forces, influences—give potentiality the chance to actualize along paths likely to coalesce. CM tries to skirt by making the desire a sigil experiential reality and firing into the aethyr. However, this process eschews active consideration, control, and diminishes art to abstraction. The GD embraces amateur presentational theater as do most pagan groups. (You need to get into doing something—take a look at GD practical ritual.)

Given my experience with cemeteries and borders emphasizing boundary liminal spaces may be a good idea. How do I do that? You have a limited rite space that serves also as bedroom and more. I’m not sure what to do. Reinforcing the initial pentacle work maybe? Guardians. Also, update your wall art. Cover the clock. Dress up or go nude.

The GD assumption of godforms is a particular BoL & mask of the SoS, a Presence adopted & adapted for the work at hand. This may be something for you to adopt, shaping—emphasizing the Presence you’ve been developing, making sure you’re active in it when you magic something up. Indeed, channel and develop while scaled up in Saiyûnor, then while ready (punch drunk or otherwise) you enspell. As opposed to just developing the Presence—integrate kinesthesia, though.

GD rituals bound space, build atmosphere, exhort the effect repeatedly, then affirm the effect.

DJ Conway points to WtaW (symbols in general) as sources of “energy” from “another place” (I think she draws from someone else, though. Uncle Bucky via AC maybe.)

Dana & waters, matron of wizards, prosperity, magic, wisdom, elements, sea & air


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