Dana of the Waters, Pantheon, Reclaiming Self

I projected to the Wood while in bed after trying to channel night-green into myself while scaled up. Dana joined me, and I tried to draw it out, but I think I need to learn to savor and extend such exercises and their euphemisms. My back pain seems to complicate my usual energy work—the arm gestures I use and the way I arch & move my back—I have to be tender and gentle.

It occurs to me—Conway writes how working with particular deific energies over and over can change you, and [Elethis] and Dana and Elethis I feel have been doing so with me—but the fluidity and greater range of representation of Dana & myself makes me now wonder if I’ve been too rigid in how I see/imagine/perceive/conceive of myself, Angus, Odin, and the others. Am I missing on potentialities—yes—and connections because my filters and expectations have been too set. We’re all of us shapeshifters, I think, and—

—part of it is an openness to perception and the world and others. So, I think I should try to talk to Papa—but also refresh my senses of all the pantheon: Dana, Mabon, G, Anpu, Galadriel, Odin, Freya, Athene, Angus, The Dagda, ____, ________, _______, K, VU, JW, MW.

Infused sunlight green from the day!

While I was with Dana titanic the night before, I had flashes of the Wood and us clearer than it has been. I need to practice kinesthesia while projecting.

—it is a laying claim to body and Presence, reclaiming bare life and fashioning zoe & bios

—and the dancing mind. Click. Shift. The mind & spirit adjust, perceive what I want to perceive. It requires a level of relaxed self-possession. Kinesthesia helps with that. Body dysmorphia screws a good chunk of the population over.

And Dana moves barefoot, but so do I and LtY.

She walks in waters that have shaped the earth

Longer than the tribes that wandered, bathed, drank

Those Waters, and in so drinking, they took her in

To themselves, made them like her, dancing, laughing,

Titanic through the hills and the valleys of her blood

—No, her waters. Blood is the only water people always

Carry. She walks in waters that grow and change.

There are waters at Elethis (TTG—there are related waters in TTL, and rivers, streams, lakes in Saiyûnor.


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