Marking Time, Counting Books

I’ll share a couple of photos here with you. I’ve been trying to scribble into journals for ages. Here in the first photo, you can see a motley collection. The leftmost six are old magical journals from mostly the ’90s, and most of them are not full. I got most of those little journals at Waldenbooks at the mall back when Waldenbooks was still a thing.


A photo from me on the floor at an awkward angle in the dark using the flash…this is actually the bottom left nook of what I use for my altar space. That paper sticking out in the back? Apotropaic little charm: my take on Abracadabra.

The two black Moleskines that follow are a straight-up journal and a dream journal/daily journal I filled up back in 2013? Then we get to the magical journals since I restarted my practice. In order, they are: Antic Delights, Connoisseur of Chaos, Raven Singer, Other Phantom Children, Dream Squalls, Fog-Choked Choirs, Calamity Gaps, Lapis Mind…


And there at the far right is my copy of Evolutionary Witchcraft.

The Shining Plain, and then I started using Leuchtturms–Hunt for Stars, The Forest Floor, Seas Black & Roiling, The Strange Girl, Dark Sky Symmetries (out of sight here), Vibrant Chaos & Shapes, Many-Colored Self, The Sound of Shining Light (I flirted with big fancy ones again–changed back to Leuchtturms), Powers & Potentialities, and Burning Wind Dance. I finished off Burning Wind Dance, “book XIX,” last night, and I’ve started journal #20, The Starlight Hosts about Me. Their titles come from phrases that jump out at me at some point as I write, and my categories here on the blog reflect whatever journal I’m working on. I also use the current title as my blog subtitle.

I was pretty drunk when The Starlight Hosts about Me emerged.[1]

Anyway, I’m actually impressed I’ve gone through twenty books-worth of magical rambling since 2013. I average about 2-2½ months these days for a journal, and I do transcribe them (daily, when I can manage). My transcriptions tend to be, with the Leuchtturms, 90-pages of two-column 12-point type, single-spaced, not counting footnotes. Burning Wind Dance wound up being 34,413 words.

A lot of them are rambly, ranty, weird, dreamy, repetitive, and so on, so don’t think I’m generating “rough drafts” even, at that rate. They include magical records and note-taking and reflection.

I know many folks have shelves filled with journals and such, so I’m not competing, but I thought I’d mark this milestone (bookmark?) while observing how one of the ways I’ve marked my own magical calendar is through these books. And, well, something about that seems pretty cool.

Featured Image: ninocare/Pixabay

[1] I also have a ton of drunk-Quendarin to make sense of at some point. Many of my footnotes tend to be me trying to make sense of whatever Quendarin I pulled out.

4 thoughts on “Marking Time, Counting Books

  1. I love the titles you have given your journals. I try to journal myself, collect prayers, incantations, thoughts and dreams but it’s so hard with a toddler to find the time. He usually wants to sit on my lap if I make the gesture of sitting down with pen and notebook on hand. Someday I will have more consistency. I occasionally stay up late to either write or read, that’s the time I have to pursue these dark magical alleys(Hahaha).


    1. Thank you–my thinking was that they’re *books*, and I want titles of some kind for *my* books. And there’s something about moving through a journal and waiting for what turn of phrase will emerge. It’s a bit of a sideways-bibliomancy, too, I think.

      I very much recognize I have the luxury of time, in many ways. I would encourage you to find what time you can, but to certainly write after you do your work.


      1. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. I keep trying and mean to go back and have a look at my past journals, especially since this year marks the anniversary since I started this wild adventure. I love that idea of finding a title within the book itself. I might just give that a try and see what pops up. It is quite fortuitous finding your site as your writings are inspiring and motivating.

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