Witch and practitioner (“chaos magician”) who hangs with the Morrigan and other folks. Not initiated into any tradition. Syncretic and eclectic as hell. Influences from post-Marxism, aesthetic theory, Foucault, Agamben, Adorno, Baudrilliard, Feri (primarily via T. Thorn Coyle’s works), Celtic, Chaos Magic (especially of the more runesoup varieties), GD, and bits of Crowley lying about. I leave some UPG all over the place. Wear protection if that bothers you. Take a look at this post for my “re-introduction.”

This blog was originally an edited transcription of my magical journals, or as I pretentiously call them to myself, my grimoires. That’s still here, but I’m trying something else now.

Mostly self-taught with some collaboration on the side with friends. I read a lot.

Header Image: via Pixabay (public domain)


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