Witch and practitioner. Not initiated into any tradition. Syncretic and eclectic as hell. Influences from post-Marxism, aesthetic theory, Foucault, Agamben, Adorno, Baudrilliard, Feri (primarily via T. Thorn Coyle’s works), Celtic, Chaos Magic (especially of the more runesoup varieties), GD, Tolkien, Jung, Deleuze, and bits of Crowley lying about. I leave some UPG all over the place. Wear protection if that bothers you. Take a look at this post for my “re-introduction,” but 2017 was a busy year, so I dunno how accurate that still is.

This blog was originally an edited transcription of my magical journals, or as I pretentiously call them to myself, my grimoires. That’s still here, but I’m trying something else now.

Mostly self-taught with some collaboration on the side with friends. I read a lot.

You can follow me on Twitter @eriolcaw.

Header Image: via Pixabay (public domain)


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