Because this blog was originally handwritten, I used several abbreviations in it for my own convenience. In other cases, I’ve abbreviated here on the blog to obscure names and identities. Sometimes I just redact (_____); sometimes I use something else. I’ve also come up with many of my own terms for things, especially when I want to name something or to distinguish my sense of a concept from others.

Last Updated: 8 September 2015

  • AC – Aleister CrowleyYeah, that guy.
  • AEAE or AEon, George William Russell, Irish Twilight poet and mystic, friend of W.B. Yeats, wrote The Candle of Vision, which is the text I refer to in the blog. I also encourage you to look at his poetry–several clunkers in there, but some gems.
  • AL – A part of the author, AL was originally a Spider Demon. AL did not much relish being a Spider Demon, and AL now tries to be AL.
  • Antic Delights – The first grimoire and journal, ranging from 2 Jan. 2013 to 27 March 2014. Named after a snatch of poetry from the opening pages (not copied here).
  • a.p. – assemblage point, a concept out of CC.
  • BoL – Body of Light, basically what Aleister Crowley calls the magical or astral body. See also Fetch in Feri.
  • C – After a point, also refers to what seems to become. Early on, pointed to Peter J . Carrollof Chaos Magic fame (also sometimes PC). C would be my magical name, but I’d rather hold onto that right now.
  • CBTCognitive Behavior Therapy
  • CC Carlos Castaneda, a generally untrusted anthropologist who wrote a series of “novels” or accounts of his training in shamanic “sorcery” by don Juan. His accounts are considered fabricated, drawing on established accounts of shamanism and mysticism.
  • CM – Chaos Magic
  • c.m. – Ceremonial Magic
  • Connoisseur of Chaos – The second grimoire and journal, ranging from 28 March to 21 May 2014. Named after another snatch of poetry.
  • Crowess – A shadow name for the author.
  • Dariar – My term for Talker, very much tied into concepts of SoS and microcosm.
  • deG – Francesca De Grandis, Third Road witchcraft author, studied under Victor Andersen like the Feri and related brigades did
  • dJ – don John, CC’s “sorcerous” mentor in his accounts.
  • Dream Squalls – The fifth volume, written between 30 August 2014 and 19 November 2014.
  • EDG – Electric Demon God, an acronym and referent I originally cribbed from a superhero webcomic I’ve since lost
  • Elaith – My term for the God-Soul. Elaith-Tir referred to a nascent apprehension of the “place” the soul dwelled.
  • Elethis – The World Tree in one of her guises, titanic–I think I guestimate in Raven Singer that it’d have to be 64 miles high if it were actually physically on Earth. She has elements of Yggdrasil and other axes mundi. Pronounced [EL-eh-THEES]
  • Elthil – My general term for magical “energy”–analogous to the usual ruach, chi, mana, kundalininess, etc. I’d say that elthil is potentiality and experientiality, not that those terms probably mean a whole lot to you. Pronounced [el-THEEL]
  • Faentaur – A concept very related to elthil, but faentaur evokes far more directly into light, as in the light of the Otherworlds. I suppose you can say faentaur reflects occult color theory, with the two primary “lights” I work with being Luin (the Blue, electric octarine) and Calen (the Green). Prounounced [FAY-uhn-TAUR] or, more properly, [FAH-ayn-TAUR].
  • Feri Guardians – Originally their “English names” were known only to Feri tradition initiates, but I found them in T. Thorn Coyle‘s Evolutionary Witchcraft.
    • SS – Star Seeker, better known to Feri as Star Finder, but Star Seeker seems much cooler in my opinion
    • ShF – Shining Flame
    • WM – Water Maker
    • BM – Black Mother
    • HS – Heaven Shiner
    • FitE – Fire in the Earth
  • Fog-Choked Choirs – The sixth grimoire, covering 20 November 2014 to 11 February 2015.
  • G. – A dragon whose name starts with the letter g
  • GD – Golden Dawn, better known as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but used more generally for referring to the GD tradition of hermeticism and occultism
  • Haisuith – A reference to the Otherworlds close to this Earth realm, that reflect Earth and move further away–Haisuith tends to only show the natural side of this realm. Pronounced [HY-soo-EETH]
  • Halthaya – In part, this term refers to what Chaos Magic terms the psychic censor, and I use it as a general term for those forces–internal and external–that distract one from the reality of magic and the Otherworlds. Pronounced [hal-THEYE-yah]
  • HGA – Holy Guardian AngelThe concept finds expression in many magical and religious systems, and Holy Guardian Angel carries with it far too much Xian baggage. Thelema and other ceremonial traditions make the HGA very associated with the “Great Work.” (I prefer “the Path.”)
  • HPL – H. P. Lovecraft, responsible for writing about cosmicism
  • Hrávë – My term for the corporeal body, distinct from but tied to Taniel.
  • HW – Higher Worlds
  • IRPInvoking Ritual of the Pentagram. The invoking version of the very generalized (these days) LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram). Feri often uses some version of the IRP for what drawing the Otherworldly into this realm.
  • JW – A chimerical “servitor” who acts partly as bodyguard and explorer, but she’s also a free being.
  • K – A dragon whose name starts with the letter k. He starts as a wee one, but grows over time.
  • Koranith – Like Haisuith, but this Otherworld reflects the spiritual side of humanity’s communities–including the urban decay and ideas of places. I usually tag related posts with “urban Otherworlds.” Pronounced [KOR-ah-NEETH]
  • KL – Similar to AL, but KL was once the Beast, more a spirit of anger, rage, and completely flying off the handle.
  • KT – What it unpacks into isn’t important, but it’s essentially corporeal incarnation and the point behind it.
  • LBRP – Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, a foundational GD cleansing ritual adapted by many traditions in some way
  • L-C C-L and C-L L-C: A formula relating to identity for the author. See M and C, with referring to the author’s older name (not presented here but referenced in LT, LtY, AL, KL, and LD). Allegorically, if you had gone by the name Laura, but you had the magical personality Cassandra you were trying to access, the formula would become Laura-Cassandra Cassandra-Laura and vice versa, reflecting how both identities mirror and contain each other within the other.
  • LD – Similar to AL, now reforming from demonic status.
  • LT – Similar to AL, now reforming from demonic status.
  • LtY – Similar to AL, now reforming from demonic status.
  • LW – Lower Worlds
  • M – M is a cipher for a part of me living in side me, however you wish to interpret that. From a Feri perspective, I’d call her my god soul, sacred dove. From a ceremonial magic perspective, I might call her my HGA, but, y’know, see my comments on the HGA above. See also C and L-C C-L.
  • MtA – Mage: The Ascension, “a storytelling game of modern sorcery” that drew on Chaos Magic, Thelema, and a host of global mystical and religious and magical traditions to get people to think about how the world and our spirits work. MtA was published by White Wolf Game Studio before they went hipster and broke.
  • Mûl-Ôl – The daydream and form of halthaya that leads one into a drone-like, dream-like experience of everyday reality, not particularly conscious or paying attention to oneself or one’s world. Pronounced [MOOL-oal]
  • MW – A chimerical “servitor” who acts partly as bodyguard, partly as free being. Male. Also sometimes the Middle Worlds. In that one post, both wound up appearing, which was awkward.
  • Ôl-Vala – Otherworldy Power. The ôl-vala represents that creative, procreative power of the potentiality of the Otherworlds, the power that wells up from the imaginary and into the actual. It ties into belief and faith, but especially as those lead into action and actuality. Pronounced [OAL-vah-LAH]
  • Other Phantom Children – The fourth grimoire, dating from 2 July to 30 August 2014. Named after another snatch of poetry from the volume.
  • PC – psychic censor, but more often Peter Carroll after a point
  • Raven Singer – The third grimoire and journal, ranging from 22 May 2014 to 1 July 2014. Named after a snatch of poetry from the book.
  • Saiyûnor – A part of the Otherworlds in the Middle Worlds, that resembles Earth without humanity. Pronounced [SY-yoo-NOR]
  • SG – Star Goddess, via Feri by way of me. In some cases, I referred originally to _____, a more abstract vision of the totality of everything (multiversally) as the living and dying of everything that has or ever or did exist. The Star Goddess is another vision of that totality, whose title I generally use in this blog.
  • SoS – Sphere of Sensation, what the GD refers to as the astral or subtle body. See also Talker in Feri.
  • Taniel – My term for Fetch.
  • TF – TF is a spirit who usually hangs out within a plushie. TF can be cute, insightful, anarchic, and vicious. Most days, TF tries to be kind-ish.
  • ToL – Tree of LifeThe qabalistic and hermetic Tree of Life, though primarily through the hermetic and thelemic paradigms when I address the ToL.
  • TS – Transcendental Signified, a concept out of Deconstruction for the ultimate “thing” that symbols point towards, always deferred–our experience is always mediated by other signs and symbols
  • TTG – A state and spiritual plane–a bit trilokabut also someplace in the Otherworlds. You don’t need to know what TTG unpacks into, but it’s in contrast and (ideally) in harmony with TTL.
  • TTL – A state and spiritual plane–a bit trilokabut also someplace in the Otherworlds. You don’t need to know what TTL unpacks into.
  • V & S – Two Otherworldly “Ravens” of the Morrigan encountered while in Trance
  • VU – A chimerical “servitor” who acts partly as bodyguard, partly as free being. Male.
  • WoDWorld of Darkness, both oWoD and nWod, storytelling settings developed by White Wolf Game Studio back in the day. The oWoD has fans who want to spend money because the setting had vim and conflict and something to invest oneself in. nWoD has some notions, but it veers into academic pretension and posing in clubs (far more than oWoD did).
  • WtaW – Wyrms that Are Wise. Symbols, runes, and that sort of thing. If you see [WtaW], then I’m referring to a specific symbol. The term is a reference to Michael Moorcock‘s Erekose series of Eternal Champion novels.
  • Y – A spirit guide whose name starts with y, looks like a raven or sometimes a fellow.

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