Other Voices

I follow and routinely read these sites:

Amid Night Suns

Bane Folk

The Garden of Ink & Bones

Grimoires on Tape

Italian Folk Magic

Mist and Ether


Peaceful Awakenings

A Perfumed Skull

Radio Free Golgotha

Rune Soup

Sabbatic Dance

Sphere and Sundry

Suns in Her Branches



The following are sites I use as I have need of them.

“The House Magical – Part Six: ‘Apotropaic Magic'” at Pilgrim’s Way

Langston Kahn’s Blog (including his intro to emotional clearing, beginning journeying practice, etc.)

Lunarium for lunar calendar and planetary hours

A Modern Herbal (using Google search)

Moonrise, Moonset, and Phase Calculator

The Old Farmer’s Almanac lunar calendar

Sancta Missa

Sublunar Almanac

Theoi Texts Library

Twilit Grotto